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Arizona Divorce FAQs

The following are common questions about divorce that are answered at the FREE "The Rules of Divorce" seminar.

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1. What should I do before I file?

2. How do I choose a family law attorney?

3. To whom is alimony taxable and tax deductible?

4. How long can you receive COBRA benefits after divorce?

5. Is child support negotiable?

6. Is child support taxable or tax deductible?

7. Are creditors bound by the divorce decree?

8. If one party files for bankruptcy, is the other party protected if you recently divorced or in the process of divorcing?

9. What is the difference between a mediator and a family law attorney?

10. Does the court look at cash flow or net worth when determining a fair division of assets?

11. What determines the amount of spousal maintenance?

12. What is a QUADRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) and do I need one?

13. When are you entitled to half of your spouse’s retirement benefits?

14. When is it not a penalty to withdraw moneys from an IRA even though you are under 59 ˝?

15. How do you determine a fair division of assets when comparing future earnings and current assets?

16. Are stock options transferable to a future ex-spouse?

17. What is a "settlement proposal" and do I need one?

18. When is a 50/50 division of assets not equal?

19. What is a Covenant Marriage? Do I have one? - View Brochure provided by Arizona Superior Court
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